Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take a Risk

Brian Mosley and I recently went to an IMAX Theatre to see the grand opening of U2 3D. It’s released nation wide this week and if you are a U2 fan – it’s a must see. I have to admit that it was pretty amazing to see Bono so close and feel the thunder of the crowd bouncing up and down with hands raised to the sky. The sound was crystal clear and the images were completely life like. The whole deal was fascinating. It was so cool that Brian and I wondered if this was the future of concerts. We only had to drive 9 miles and pay $10 to see U2 in Argentina… wow! While I don’t think that we could replace actually being at the concert with a movie – I do think we live in a culture that won’t mind settling for the cheaper, more convenient version.

We recently sat down with Erwin McManus and asked him a ton of questions about God, our culture and our generation. I can’t get something that he said out of my head,

“We’ve become accustomed to watching life happen, rather than living it.”

Brian and I watched the concert, we didn’t live it. We didn’t feel the heat of the Argentinean Summer night. Our ears weren’t ringing from standing so close to a speaker. No sore throats from overly loud singing. Our calves weren’t sore from jumping up and down for 90 minutes. We just sat and watched. In this clip, Erwin helps us understand the danger of living as Christians with this type of voyeuristic mentality. He directs us to have a faith that is alive and even risky.

I can’t wait for you to hear Erwin live at LeadNow and Fusion. In the mean time watch this video clip of Erwin and ask yourself what kind of faith you want to have.

I hope to see you in Orlando, Seattle, or Dallas.

Marc McCartney

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Is This the Generation of Change?

I was watching this clip from LeadNow speaker Marcus "Goodie" Goodloe on Nehemiah. God used Nehemiah’s generation to change the world. The RightNow Campaign has a passion for our generation. When people think about the word generation, Tom Brokaw and his book, The Greatest Generation quickly comes to mind. The book is a magnificent picture of a generation’s tenacity to endure such hardships as the Great Depression and World War 2 in route to building America. I like that. I like honoring great men and women for their efforts. I’m proud that my Grandfather fought in World War 2. But I don’t want to be the Greatest Generation…

…The RightNow Campaign is a movement of 20 & 30 somethings trading in the pursuit of the American Dream for a world that desperately needs Christ! We don’t need to become the Greatest Generation; we need to become the Generation of change! Erwin McManus, while speaking at one of our past Fusion events said this:

“What I like about RightNow is that it’s not centered on believers. It really is centered on calling the church out to care about the world. And that’s not only needed… It is what will change this time in history.”

Erwin and Goodie are telling us that we can be the Generation of change, but in order to do it we must do away with the myopic view of life that has permeated our culture and realize that when the Church becomes activated then change will happen. We can be that Generation!
Erwin, Goodie and many others will be at LeadNow08 in Orlando, April 24-26 and Dallas, November 13-15. I hope to see you there!