Monday, June 27, 2005

Thankful for friends

I saw an old friend today at a Gas Station. He was a guy that I met my first week at Baylor and have loosely kept in touch with since graduation. This guy is amazing to me. He is someone that I really look up to. He has a life that I envy, a life that I desire. He is so devoted to Christ that he cannot help but speak truth. It’s as if Christ is running through every single thought that he has.
One thing that I love about him is his profession. It’s not just the profession itself, but how he views it. He is a Coach at a Junior High School. He could be at the High School making more money and having a better career. But he’s at the Junior High School because that’s where he thinks he can have the most influence for Christ.
I would love to live in such a way that I didn’t let my ambitions and pride get the best of me. I long to have a life that takes every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. I am thankful for real life examples like my friend who draws me into a deeper union with Christ.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I just returned from a weekend trip to South Georgia. I had my family with me and it was such a nice getaway for us. We were deep in the country staying in a log cabin. There was no cell phone coverage, no email, and lots of time on our hands. I went swimming with my daughters, sat on the porch watching sunsets, and spent a few hours playing with my new Fathers Day gift (iPod mini - it was the best Father's Day ever!) When it was time to drive back to the airport to go home I have to confess that a part of me didn't want to. Eventhough we only spent a few days in Georgia, it just seemed like life was simpler. There were no meetings to oversee, no traffic to wade through, no demands on my time. It was just me and my girls. It was comfortable. I think that God gives us seasons of this type of comfort. For me this season was only to last the weekend.
I know that God has called me to something that only He can do, yet within His calling part of my offering is to work hard. That scares me sometimes. I often try and seek after the simple and easy way. And that's not to say that sometimes God does allow us to walk thru a more level ground. I just know that right now in my life, He doesn't have me there. It is scary. Part of me longs for the simple. Part of me wants to find something to do that would be easier. But the part of me that is tuned into God's voice is hearing something different. It's the calling. God telling me to keep at it, keep my eyes on Him, and keep trusting His call.
Pray for me that I can do that. I want to trust only Him. I don't want to give into the temptations of safety and comfort. I want to live a life wholehearted for Jesus.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

McCartney Family