Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slugger Slugging

The Slug is Back!

I picked up my Dog Slugger today and brought him home. He had been staying with some friends since we moved out of our old house and we finally brought him home today. Thanks to Lonnie & Anita for taking such great care of Slugger. Macy & Mallory were beside themselves to see Slugger again. Needless to say, the Slugger Dog has been treated like royalty tonight.

What Do You Expect?

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas where you live? It’s not really looking like Christmas here in Dallas as much as it’s starting to feel like Christmas! A cold front came in yesterday sometime between arriving to the office and leaving the office and I have officially brought the winter clothes down from the attic. And I love it! Growing up in Michigan & Colorado, I can appreciate some cold air.

I absolutely love Christmas time! I love the lights, the food, the music, the time with family, but most of all I love the opportunity to share the love of Christ. On Saturday I read Luke 1 & 2 (from The VOICE) to my daughters and they were hanging on every word. We discussed how Israel had waited 400 years to hear from God and they were on the lookout for a conquering King, but God sent them a baby! We prayed together about how to show the love of Christ to others in an unexpected way. And the great thing about kids is that they don’t forget. So the last few days we have been finding unexpected ways to shares Christ’s love!

As I think about God’s love and His plans it is so obvious that (as the scripture tells us) His ways are not our ways! I encourage you to ask God to find unexpected ways to share His love. I bet you won’t expect what He shows you! And I bet that you will be as blessed as anyone by it.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


I like challenge. Maybe that's why I like sports so much - because each game represents it's own challenge. I'm pretty sure I got this disease from my Dad. I remember him doing stuff when I was a kid like running for 200 consecutive days, or getting up earlier than everyone else in the morning, or committing to do things that others wouldn't do. I felt like sometimes my Dad would do these things because he liked the challenge. I have some of my own examples:

Diets - I love to do fad diets because of the challenge. Eat only meat and cheese for 3 weeks...sounds good to me. Have to give up all products with white flour in them... why not! No meats and sweets for 60 days... I'm in!

Card Games - I find it impossible to simply enjoy a game of cards. I need to study your play. Determine your patterns. Count your cards. And prey on your tendencies.

Pancakes - I want to be the man when it comes to making pancakes. I make them virtually every Saturday of the year (unless my current fad diet doesn't allow them). I experiment with different ingredients. I use the latest flipping techniques. I know the difference between real eggs and egg beaters. Sometimes I make 9 different flavors of pancake for one Saturday morning meal... for four people.

I've learned that one of the by products of someone who likes challenge is discipline. And this carries over to every area of my life. If I view things as a challenge - then I will form the necessary disciplines to meet the challenge.