Sunday, September 28, 2008

RightNow Road Trip

Lonnie, Bill, Rob and myself took a trip to Baton Rouge this weekend to see the LSU Fighting Tigers. It was fun for me to introduce these guys to a little bit of LSU tradition. The game itself was just okay but the Tiger Stadium atmosphere was awesome. Here are some of our highlights:
  • Rob making up for being 21 minutes late by driving illegally to get us to the game on time
  • Walking up on tailgaters and declaring that we were hungry Tiger fans to get free gumbo
  • An incident at WalMart...
  • Lonnie setting his eyes on Tiger Stadium for the first time
  • Free Subway for being the last customers of the day
  • Yelling Tiger Bait at perfectly innocent Bulldog fans
  • Lonnie asking me if I was up all night creating this blog entry
  • Listening to "Coyotes" by Grizzly Man
  • Lonnies phone conversation with his wife Anita where he discussed his shower in great detail

Lonnie's True Colors

The Sooners may be number one in the polls, but it's obvious to all
that LSU is number one in his heart.