Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lost, Tigers and Bears ... Oh My!

I decided to conduct my own NCAA research project while at Disney. My goal was to measure the amount of fans I could meet from two of my favorite schools. To be qualified as a fan (from the word fanatic) you had to say something to me about the shirt I was wearing. I even said “Go Buffs” nine different times to people I saw wearing CU stuff to prime the pump a little.

First up was the Baylor Bears. My Alma matter and coming off a successful showing in two sports few human beings have ever watched: college tennis and college softball. In an effort to gain more support, six of the 10 people in my party were wearing Baylor T-shirts that day (as evidenced by the nice Splash Mountain photo below).

Day two was going to be LSU. I had previous Disney experience with LSU and was sure the Tigers fans would show up strong. The early polls had the Bears as Tiger Bait…

Day One – Three people commented to me about my Baylor shirt. One Cast Member said – hey Baylor people – you’re next. Once lady asked me, “where’s Baylor?” And one guy shouted “Sic ‘em” as he walked past me. Day Two – LSU was shut out. Nothing. Not one person said anything. I feel the need to post a pic of myself so you can see that this was no small “LSU” on my shirt. I was representing.

I began to reason about the shutout. Making up things in my head like – maybe all Tiger fans go to Orlando – its closer. Yeah – that makes sense. Or – perhaps they are still working or in school. But knowing all of the out of work Tiger fans that I personally know – I simple knew that these were just excuses that I was making to feel better about the situation. So I went cultural the next day and threw on a LOST t-shirt. I had two head nods as I entered the park. One person stopped me and said that was their favorite show. Another person said – “Oh… LOST,” but since it was my Mother in law I’m not sure I can count that one.

Not happy with those results, I decided to go Aeropostale on the people of Disney on my last day. I even threw on a gray long sleeve underneath in an effort to look hip.

I’m not sure what all of this means, but I figured it would be most beneficial info to all of you in blog land.

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Steve Hayes said...

Horrible post. I'll tell you something: that'll be the only time Baylor ever shuts out LSU. It's just weird, because every time I go out with my Tiger gear on, some guy (usually a red neck with a mullet and jean shorts) always makes some sort of LSU comment. What's up with Disney? It's obviously the stupidest place on earth. Disney's caught in the "Cycle that Sucks."

Good blog, Marc. I love you.