Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The wait is a part of the ride

One of the things that struck me visiting Disney this time was that the wait was a part of the ride. Disney does an amazing job at creating an experience. They think of everything. They even call their employees Cast Members and it seems like most of them take on a “role” as they do their job. But what really got me this time was the waiting in line. Every ride had some sort of programming involved in the actual waiting area. For the Indiana Jones ride you walk through this amazing cavern underground to get to the ride. All along the way seeing different inscriptions or pieces of bamboo or jewels that take you to another place. In The Haunted Mansion you walk into a room to listen to a spooky recording. Then the room begins to stretch and spin and you begin to wonder if everything is going to be okay. In the Tower of Terror they take you back in the recesses of the hotel with props like this one.

This furnace helps to create a look that feels almost like a dungeon, all to get you into the right frame of mind before you ever step foot on the ride. They do all of this just to maximize your experience on the actual ride.

That got me thinking about my faith in Christ. The “rides” for me might be a chance to speak to a group about God. Or an opportunity to lead a mission trip. Or the planning and execution of one of our events that we do. My problem is that I don’t always treat the wait as a part of the ride. That’s a shame. I need to be more alert to the fact that every aspect of our lives is a part of the ride. God is never at rest. Life is always in motion. Even the moments that appear like waiting are opportunities to use our faith. I need to think more like the people who design the rides at Disney. I need to realize that the wait is a part of the ride.

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Lyndi Mac said...

Oh that's good. You may find yourself in a devotional. Is that ok?