Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tiger Bait

LSU bounces back from the dismal showing last week at Disney. I sported the purple and gold around town today at an art store, a Whole Foods, and a Wal-mart. I had 19 responses including four people who said their Dad went to LSU. Of course, I'm the only one who can say their nephew is going there to play football. Yeah - it feels good.

All 19 people who said something were at Wal-mart - not sure what that means...


Anonymous said...

You do remember our talk on how dangerous football is. Sports causes all kinds of bruises, scrapes and broken things and perhaps it is time you begin a quest for being a musician or artist so you aren't leading people to have black and blues and get wounded physically. Please, you must understand this. Please, you must help lead people to gentle things. I am so concerned for you. I will keep praying you see the light.

Steve Hayes said...

Dan's on crack, but what's new.

I knew my Tigers would have a break out day!! They probably didn't show well in Florida because, well, it's Florida. Those folks are probably so beaten down by hurricanes, NASCAR, Disney and the Florida Gators, that they can't even see straight. Glad to know my peep's were representing here in Texas.