Sunday, June 15, 2008

Supernatural Hero

In honor of Fathers Day, I woke up early and read every scripture in the first 5 books of the Bible that has the word Father in it – that’s 347 for those of you who are counting. Here are my observations:

God created Fathers and gave them a supernatural ability to do lots of amazing things. Fathers are leaders, protectors, diligent, strong, and so many other things. But in reading the Old Testament scriptures about Fathers, the two things that stand out to me are that Fathers make a tremendous impact on their children and that Fathers are the mouthpiece for God.

Impact - Story after story we see children doing amazing things to capture their Fathers love.
  • Noah’s family spent about 100 years building a giant boat because their Dad was convinced God told him to
  • Isaac walks three days to the mountain with Abraham and is bound at the altar ready to be killed by his Father
  • Jacob steals his Fathers blessing from his brother Esau
  • The first thing Joseph does after revealing himself to his brothers is to get his brothers to go and bring back his Father; Joseph wants his Father to know about everything he has accomplished

Mouthpiece – God uses Fathers to tell the people what He wants them to do.

  • God is known as the God of our Fathers
  • The God of our Fathers: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

I was also struck that God calls us over and over again to defend the cause of the Fatherless. He wants us to care for those who don’t have a Dad and after reading all the scriptures about Fathers it really makes a lot of sense. God has given Fathers this supernatural ability and incredible responsibility and when a kid doesn’t have his Father – then God extends grace by using other key men to step in and be that supernatural hero. So I am left with two prevailing thoughts from my little Fathers Day project.

1. Thank you Jesus for giving me my Dad as my Dad!!! I may have had the greatest Dad in the history of the world, because my Dad is such a passionate pursuer of Jesus Christ. My Dad is my supernatural hero and he is worthy of being emulated. He has made an impact in my life that has given me vision for who I want to become. And as God’s mouthpiece my Dad has challenged me to be the Father that he was and more… Only by the grace of God!

2. I want to be a supernatural hero to my children and to the Fatherless. I want to love Jesus in a way that causes my daughters to want to pursue Christ more than anything else in life. And I want to defend the cause of the Fatherless.

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